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One in four healthy American women have it. Millions more are challenged with medically induced cases of it. Surprisingly, 40 percent of them never expected to get it. And no one is willing to talk about it… until now. Kara Richmond, a 20-year hair replacement veteran and industry expert is bringing Atlanta’s women with hair loss into the light with the launch of her new Atlanta’s Hair Solutions.

For every five men with hereditary hair loss, there are three women experiencing the same condition. Yet women's hair loss continues to be a taboo subject for the media, the public and the women who experience the problem as well. Now, Atlanta’s Hair Solutions will offer a comprehensive resource devoted to women with fine, or thinning hair and alopecia (baldness), will bring the issue to the forefront and provide women with the resources they have long sought after for meeting their challenge. 

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Catering to women with varying degrees of hair loss (from thinning to complete baldness), Atlanta’s Hair Solutions will assist women with consultation, expert guidance, all types of hair replacement, including integration, weaving, full cranial prosthesis and custom wigs- (which are often covered by medical insurance), styling solutions and regular maintenance as well.

Katherine Phelps, creator of the internet community www.Women With Hair Loss.com and publisher of Appearances Magazine says, "Many women have a difficult time confronting their hair loss. They feel that they'll be happier or more successful if they rid themselves of physical imperfections, whether the issue is hair loss, or their weight or facial features." 

According to Richmond, “Women often deny their problem or decline to discuss it with their stylist. They are embarrassed and feel humiliated. Many have been advised in the past to simply slap on a wig or a hat and forget about it. This can be devastating, especially to younger women. For many women under 50 especially, hair loss can present an enormous emotional blow. "When I started losing my hair I started losing my self-esteem," says Anne Downing, a client of Richmond’s for the past 5 years. “When I met Kara she made my hair look the way it used to before it began falling out and my whole world opened up again. My career and my family saw the change in me. Kara gave me back a lot more than my hair… she gave me back my life.”

Richmond concludes, “It’s not about simply covering up a woman’s head, it’s about healing her heart. I’m on a mission to restore self esteem and give hope to hundreds of women who thought there was nothing left for them. That’s what Atlanta’s Hair Solutions is really all about!” 

Call Kara at 678-524-0073 for more information and/or a free confidential consultation.

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