for men, women and children

Kara Richmond - Owner of Atlanta's Hair Solutions

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Kara Richmond knew immediately upon graduating from high school where she was headed… straight to cosmetology school where she would begin a long and satisfying journey towards making people look good and feel better about themselves. Upon graduation from the Academy of Art& Sciences, Kara began her career at one of the St. Louis region’s most prestigious salons where she perfected her cutting and styling skills on clients that include St. Louis Cardinals ball players and an array of Rock and Roll star “wanna-be’s”.

In 1981 Kara joined a world renowned hair replacement organization where she studied the fine art of hair replacement. “I worked with my very first hair replacement client, a young man in his early 20's. He was so happy and grateful when I was finished with him, that he was smiling, and hugging me. He said that I had given him his life back and I knew right then and there why I was put on this earth! I knew at that instant that I had found my life’s work”.

In 1987 Kara was named Stylist Of The Year. From 1992 through 1994, she continued to perfect her hair replacement skills on men and began to rack up a long list of awards and accolades. In 1995 she was rewarded with the prestigious Technician Of The Year Award. All of these competitions were held throughout the U.S., and Canada, including several European countries.

Beginning in 1993 Kara began to share her skills and expertise by traveling across the country to teach Hair Replacement in dozens of cities where she would spend several weeks at a time. Wishing to expand her business, in 1994 she came South to Atlanta where she has continued to study and concentrate more on women's and children's hair replacement techniques in addition to her work with men. 

With the beginning of the new millennium Kara Richmond founded Atlanta's Hair Solutions, and brought her dreams to fruition at last. “I realize how important hair is and how devastating hair loss can be to men, women and children alike. I see sad, often angry people smile again. I know I have the science to help change their worlds, and I feel very proud. My work makes my heart happy and I share this joy with each one of my clients.”

Her plans for the future include helping as many people with hair problems as possible become the people they once were and should be again. Her motto is “If your hair is a problem… it doesn’t have to be!”.